Marie "Mars" Applegate

Marie Applegate has always been in awe of - dun, dun, dun - The Stage!

She and her little brother James used to write, produce and put on their own variety shows when they were teeny tiny kids (her parents have evidence!). Marie was also part of school productions all throughout elementary, middle and high school. As an adult  she was an extra in several indie films and commercials. And now, the crowning glory of her road to fame, she joined the fabulousness that is the improv troupe Trapped In a Rumor.

Marie has always admired the lovable dorks of the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway and was insanely ecstatic when she found a similar styled improv troupe right here in the East Bay, Trapped In a Rumor! Overall, Marie is inspired by life...and by YOU! So volunteer and get your patootiekins up on stage tonight. :) She wants you to know that she is probably the biggest dork around that you will ever meet. Hurrah for dorks!

Marie is also a full time mother, no easy task, but her little Daisy makes everyday more enjoyable than the last.


Retired: April 2011

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3/06/10, 10:31 am
"Excellent Show!
Thanx for the best medicine in the world.
Keep up the grand deed.
Have a great year."
12/13/09, 4:10 pm
Trapped in a Rumor is a fun evening of improv and entertainment! The group members are hilarious and play well together. I really enjoyed both the l...
12/17/09, 5:30 pm
I enjoyed watching Trapped in a Rumor. To pull improve like this off, the performers must be creative and quick witted. Occasionally, just as I was s...
10/03/10, 3:10 pm
"Without a doubt, one of best improv troupes in Northern California!
This ensemble knows the value of timing in comedy....this group had me lau...
Fran Miller
6/22/11, 8:10 pm
Fans who miss the long-running, now defunct, television show "Who's Line is it Anyway?" will feel they've found a suitable replacement with TiR!
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