Joe Saam

Joe Saam is a professional improviser and instructor who has been involved with the theatre since he was 14. His improvisational career began in 2007 with Concord’s Rumor Has It Improv, where he spent almost 3 years, studying, performing and teaching different styles of improv. Feeling he had the pulse of what the East Bay was looking for, he founded Trapped In A Rumor Improv in 2009. Joe’s approach to improv is that you always have the opportunity to learn more, to grow as a performer. He has implemented this in his teaching and directing. Joe has a vast library of improv books, his favorites being “Truth In Comedy” and “Improvise: Scene From The Inside Out.” Joe is writing his own book, in hopes of offering a new vision on “how to improvise.”

Joe has lived in the East Bay of California all his life. He was married to his longtime girlfriend, Catherine (our house manager), on Halloween morning, 2010 and is in the process of adopting her two children, whom he loves as his own. He would like to thank his family for their continued support, his improvisers for their dedication, and the Town of Danville for giving Trapped In A Rumor a home.

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10/03/10, 3:10 pm
"Without a doubt, one of best improv troupes in Northern California!
This ensemble knows the value of timing in comedy....this group had me lau...
9/03/10, 9:26 am
I can't believe it's taken this long for me to see you guys!
9/03/10, 8:04 am
I was laughing so hard that I cried twice!
3/06/10, 10:31 am
"Excellent Show!
Thanx for the best medicine in the world.
Keep up the grand deed.
Have a great year."
5/31/11, 9:29 am
Amazing show I truly enjoyed. I would compare this wonderful local talent to that of the professionals I've seen on TV. I look forward to more wonderf...
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