Bill Younger

Bill Younger first entered the world of improvisation in an effort to become a better auctioneer. His children‘s elementary school was in need of one for their annual auction. Having been a performing musician most of his life, Bill thought being an auctioneer seemed easy. As his first auction approached, he began to worry about his wit. Being the center of attention, a la public-speaking, was different than being witty with friends. A radio comedian Bill listened to, Adam Carolla, spoke about his extensive education in Improv and how it developed his wit. Bill endeavored to find Improv training, and found a studio 15 minutes from home. It was there that he met our leader - Joe.

Trapped In A Rumor is Bill’s first formal experience with any acting company. His experience with this talented group has made him an effective auctioneer. “If the truth were known, if people understood that Improv serves to enhance our life experience as critically as physical and mental exercise, then there would be as many Improv-shops as there are gyms.”

Improv is not for performers only. It's for you too. Try it!

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12/17/09, 5:30 pm
I enjoyed watching Trapped in a Rumor. To pull improve like this off, the performers must be creative and quick witted. Occasionally, just as I was s...
12/13/09, 4:10 pm
Trapped in a Rumor is a fun evening of improv and entertainment! The group members are hilarious and play well together. I really enjoyed both the l...
9/03/10, 9:26 am
I can't believe it's taken this long for me to see you guys!
5/31/11, 9:29 am
Amazing show I truly enjoyed. I would compare this wonderful local talent to that of the professionals I've seen on TV. I look forward to more wonderf...
11/02/13, 5:37 pm
Saw a great show last niight(11/1/13). You had us in stitches all evening. Could not believe 2 hours went by so fast.
Anyone wanting great e...
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