Eddie Roberts

Prior to joining TIR Eddie Roberts performed with Innuendo Improv, Rumor Has It Improv and Zen Improv. A native Californian, Eddie spent his youth in Southern California, (note the careful phrasing, as not to imply he has or ever will grow up). Eddie has been known to do/say goofy/bizarre things in an attempt to get a laugh and believes it still counts even if he is the only one laughing.

Eddie’s philosophy is that improv is like knowledge, you can never get enough of it.  He has been known to drop in on improv auditions/classes while out of town.

With his “advanced years” he brings a wealth of life experience to Trapped In A Rumor.  He is always ready with a joke or a pun that might be new, or just “new to you.”  Eddie is always happy to see you and is seldom seen without a smile on his face or on the faces of those around him.

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5/31/11, 9:29 am
Amazing show I truly enjoyed. I would compare this wonderful local talent to that of the professionals I've seen on TV. I look forward to more wonderf...
12/17/09, 5:30 pm
I enjoyed watching Trapped in a Rumor. To pull improve like this off, the performers must be creative and quick witted. Occasionally, just as I was s...
12/13/09, 4:10 pm
Trapped in a Rumor is a fun evening of improv and entertainment! The group members are hilarious and play well together. I really enjoyed both the l...
9/03/10, 9:26 am
I can't believe it's taken this long for me to see you guys!
9/03/10, 8:04 am
I was laughing so hard that I cried twice!
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